Sunday, 24 April 2016


A life of no fear,no worries Yes! No meaningless wares.

To embrace the future,and the good relevant aspects of ways that it will bring to you.

A life of contentment and calm embraced of the future, where with true friends and family that will be always there for you.

A life of happiness and love and the good ways of mother nature,that beautifully surround you, displaying her works so wonderfully to show you.

Yes! Sweet moments you will love,a life of contentment of gratitude you will have.

And all doubt and foolish thinking will have to part, as you will only have space and means to put love's true ways in your
Heart :)

A Dream

I dream of simplicity of immortality of a simple life , of the love of happiness and no ignorance of strife.

A dream of Holy Heavenly's Bliss, oh the perfect place that everyone will want to stay and wouldn't want to miss.

A dream that I wanted to stay in this beautiful place, oh how it glowed with the magnificence of grace.

A dream that starts at night and sometimes it ends at the break of light.

A dream that soothes the soul with peace, and fills the heart and oh how these memories it will keep.

The love peace and happiness of this place , where every time I go and to leave I'm never in a haste :)

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Hey You!

Hey you! Come over here I have something to say.
When bad days try to get you down just let them pass and go away.
Don't let anything negative ever stand in your way.
You are loved beautiful and precious in all way.
Please always try to enjoy your day.
By the way can you do one thing for me? It's not going to cost you and it's something that is free.
Can you put a beautiful smile on your face?
And make your smile brighten up this place.

Father So Much To Thank You For.

Father so much to thank you for my life to see each and every day.
My kids to spend precious times and with them I will play.
My gifts I love to this very day.
My heart,a heart that is true to everything I say.
My days in which I experience new things with challenges that makes me strong.
Your hand for guiding me through life for so very long :) 

Friday, 15 April 2016

Peace at Heart

A relax feeling comes over you, 
You've dream't of this before, 
It fills you and surrounds you, 
In you face it starts to show, 
To be at peace to enjoy each and everyday, 
And see the wonders of it all, 
winter,spring,summer and fall.  


A little child 
so small and warm, 
In a place where it can 
come to no harm, 
Moving,kicking and growing 
I know I can tell, 
I was so sick 
but now I am well, 
In a month 
a beautiful baby will be born, 
A little child 
will come into this world 
by storm, 
I am really looking forward, 
to when the big day comes, 
I hope I have a healthy baby 
daughter or son. 


sweet flowers becomes mildews, 
sudden love relates to truth, 
a playful moment, 
laught displayed desire, 
wedlock caught a brides quick departure

The Moon

Look at her beautiful in all way, 
Her face glowing at the midnight hour, 
Making way for lovers on their quest, 
Longing for each other admits the glow of her face, 
She just looks magnificent as she arrives in full bloom, 
The enticing light of the night the light of the moon

The Child

Children need love, respect and trust worthy, 
Good words, guidance and a family, 
A sense of security, your time and some honesty, 
A little freedom and help along the way to get they dignity, 
Watch what you say around the kids little ears, 
Some pick up things fast and watch your ways, 
Coping is what some of them will do,      
So watch what you say and too who, 
Bring them up in the right way, 
Parents this job is up to you so show them you care, 
Listen to your children when they are in trouble, 
Deal with the problem before it gets double, 
Their problems don’t try to avoid, 
Just gave them a listening ear, 
Please listen to what they all have to say, 
Don’t let your kids be lead astray by the wicked ways and things of today, 
Put them on the right paths and show them you care, 
My friends this task is up to you, 
So by now you should know exactly what you have to do. 

The Wind

It touch me gently brushing my face, 
With all its pleasant magnificent grace, 
Moving through the trees making the branches come alive, 
The bush leaves sway from side to side moving so gracefully then they dive, 
Listen very carefully its blowing through the trees making sweet music with all the branches and leaves, 
Moving things around and taking them from the ground, 
Making them glide with so much pride, 
It’s using so many things you’ll think they all have wings, 
It’s the wind blowing it blows light then it blows with all its might, 
You cannot see it but you know it’s there, 
Picking up so many things and taking them to the air it’s the wind. 

The Sun

So bright like a big globe light, 
It’s the sun shining and spreading out its rays, 
Shining on valleys, mountains and glades, 
Reflecting off buildings and escaping through the glass, 
And in all its glory it’s shining down on the grass, 
Making itself known in everyone’s home, 
It’s the sun shining it does not need any invitation, 
It shines down without hesitation,                      
Wow its now setting and what a beautiful sight, Going with beautiful colors, 
Red, orange, grey and white, 
Using the clouds like blankets floating around its fiery ball, 
Like a magician doing tricks and exiting the hall, 
It’s the sun. 

Footprints in the sand

An early stroll along the sea shore 
 With my feet feeling the sand even my little toe, 
And I see all of them, 
Small, big, long short and tall, 
I’ll pick up some old sticks and look for some shells, 
But oh the footprints stories they will tell, 
Of all types of people and how they walk through this day, 
Some prints deeper as if running or some they seem to play, 
So many people has travel through here leaving part of themselves in the sand, 
As some go to get their tans, 
As the sea waves washing in and covers them one by one, 
When it goes back out all the foot prints every one of them is gone. 
Tomorrow I will come again to this place to see what I will find, 
Footprints all going up and down all in a line. 

Will You

Will you care? Will you be there and love me for me? 
Will you hold me tight each beautiful night and make me feel alright, 
Will your love always be true when you say honey I love you, 
Will you take away my blues? 
Will you show me love in all the days we have? 
Will you lend a helping hand without being command? 
In whatever way you can? 
Will you promise all this to me? 
Will you always know in all the kindness I show that you’re the one for me? 
Will you consider now and give your final vow, 
And make me your wife to be? 


Oh grandmother you raised me from just a little lad, 
You were the best grandmother I ever had, 
You gave me hope and you help me along the way, 
You made my 
 bad days good oh how I wished you had stayed, 
But it was time for you to go I know, 
Cause with your last breath you said so, 
You’re with God now and keeping my brothers company, 
When its time for me I hope I’ll be ready, 
The both of you are now free and sometimes I feel sad but yet I am happy, 
Cause you are with God your mummy and pappy, 
I have grown up and in my head I’m still hearing, 
Put God in everything you do! 
It’s all you were always saying. 

Seduction of the sea

She’s a lady lying in wait, 
Changing the color of her face by the reflection of the sky, 
With golden sand holding on to her edges like a cape, 
Her veil stretches for miles and miles, 
With the wind they work together like a couple, 
He using his breath to blow on her bed of water, 
She’s calm now as she sends small waves smashing against the ragged rocks, 
She smatches everything in her path when she’s angry, 
Ships and boats all sit on her like jewels scattered on a floor, 
Transforming her into a motion picture, 
Her beauty shows her anger scolds for she is the sea. 

Miracles around

To look at tree and see how they grow, 
 From just a seedling and up high they go, 
 Plant spouting and in a day in two, 
 Out comes a flower red, pink, yellow or blue, 
 Birds flying and gliding though the air, 
 Moving so gracefully they don’t have a care, 
So many miracles are happening around us every day, 
On the ground all around even in the air.           

As it Happens

Harmony and love, 
a white dove flying above, 
The sun as it begins to set, 
A heavy rain and you will get all wet, 
The turning of a sea of waves, 
In the earth the depth of some caves, 
A precious flower as it burst from the soil, 
The earth explodes as it produces oil, 
The white crystal snow as it falls from the sky, 
The breezy wind and too much a blowing the trees will die, 
The beautiful sky as it displays cloud's art, 
As the clouds float across the sky then they fade  out and depart, 
A beautiful moon as it's light shines the way, 
For people to see to be with the one's to whom they care, 
A heavenly mist and dew falls at dawn, 
Then when the sun comes out all traces are gone. 


Having to create something whether it is art,painting,poetry or song, 
It's talent you've got and some day it will get around, 
Having the skills to do something that people can enjoy whether it be singing,dancing or building a simple toy. 

A Powerful Tool

It reflects on things that happened many years ago, 
Good things ,bad things my mind will never let go, 
It keeps the information all in storage like a big archives book, 
And no one can get to them not even a crook, 
I can easily pull out information without even having to chat, 
My collector,my mind,my brain is all that's under my hat. 

A song

A song of love and not of hate, 
A song of passion and love awakes, 
A song of peace and sharing will start, 
A song of love in the most beautiful way, 
A song of goodness, a listening ear and someone who cares, 
A song of commitment and obedience to the one I love, 
A song of precious moments and a sweet life we will have.