Friday, 15 April 2016

Footprints in the sand

An early stroll along the sea shore 
 With my feet feeling the sand even my little toe, 
And I see all of them, 
Small, big, long short and tall, 
I’ll pick up some old sticks and look for some shells, 
But oh the footprints stories they will tell, 
Of all types of people and how they walk through this day, 
Some prints deeper as if running or some they seem to play, 
So many people has travel through here leaving part of themselves in the sand, 
As some go to get their tans, 
As the sea waves washing in and covers them one by one, 
When it goes back out all the foot prints every one of them is gone. 
Tomorrow I will come again to this place to see what I will find, 
Footprints all going up and down all in a line. 

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