Friday, 15 April 2016

The Child

Children need love, respect and trust worthy, 
Good words, guidance and a family, 
A sense of security, your time and some honesty, 
A little freedom and help along the way to get they dignity, 
Watch what you say around the kids little ears, 
Some pick up things fast and watch your ways, 
Coping is what some of them will do,      
So watch what you say and too who, 
Bring them up in the right way, 
Parents this job is up to you so show them you care, 
Listen to your children when they are in trouble, 
Deal with the problem before it gets double, 
Their problems don’t try to avoid, 
Just gave them a listening ear, 
Please listen to what they all have to say, 
Don’t let your kids be lead astray by the wicked ways and things of today, 
Put them on the right paths and show them you care, 
My friends this task is up to you, 
So by now you should know exactly what you have to do. 

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