Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I Look At Life

I look at life as a great big adventure,
Made to explore and fulfilled where all things were made by the hands of
the creator.
Of tears and amends,
Keeping straight on your path, a spiritual path that never ends.
A life of ups a life of downs,
A life of struggles and of turn around.
A life of maturity and a life of birth,
Of a large volume of water but only a little hits the surf.
An awakening of one's intellect,
And knowledge and understanding one will get.
To explore this valley of roads the long, short and curves .
To fulfill one's purpose of where and what one should be,
And be guided by instinct and inner eyes that always see.
To be never in bondage but to be always standing and set free.
To find a place to live in peace,tranquility and all,
And always being aware of one's destiny's call.
As one move and maneuver and do things the right way always going forward
with faith ,strength and never fear.
A life of compassion and truths to hold,
A life of ages of always growing old.
A life of meeting all types of people with different personalities,
Of living among nature with substances that make one sneeze.
A life of direction to get us safe and on our way,
It's a life of safety were all the kids could always play.
A life of dedication as one commit to one,
Of always living together until the other is gone.
A life of starting over of you meeting me and I meeting you,
Again a life of commitment as we stick together like bonded with glue.
A life of evolution where new things get put in place,
With some of the old disappearing with out any trace.
A life to grow in understanding and good way,
A life of positive thinking to live in peace in this place.
And yet a chapter from a book will end as one leaves this earthly realm.
A new book will get open and the old one will closed,
And disappearing will be the life one choose.

Poetry In Song

Poetry in song poetry in motion,
Sweets songs to sing some of devotion.
Poetry songs of love songs of wake,
Of leverage and how much one should take.
Poetry songs of rhyme that beats all the time,
Of things experienced,even of clocks at the right time that chimes.
Poetry sound of words that never seem to end,
Flowing out to readers straight out and never bend.

Water Falls

Pouring through of scenery in show,
Flowing water going fast and slow.
Over the edge and then it falls down,
Falling as it flowed from so far and so long.
Waterfall's beautiful mist,
I don't ever want to miss this.
To look and see waterfall's natural evenly flow,
Through the rocks and out as all the water go.
Flowing into big oceans ,small ponds and creeks,
Flowing to rivers and streams with water from pipes that leak.
Waterfalls flow as the mist fills the air,
Going up ,up high and everywhere.
It's a beautiful sight to see a waterfall at night,
Especially when it's illuminated with light.
With lights spotting on it's natural flow,
The water glistens and seem to glow.
Waterfalls are even more beautiful when you see them in the day,
When the sun is shining and spreading out it's rays.
The brightness of it's light shines and it's a beautiful sight to see the
waterfalls on show,
While it let's everyone know.
That it's a natural beauty to be appreciated by all and to see,
A place you can go and see it and always feel free.
A waterfall as it flows and falls down,
Never breaking as it hits the ground.
It lands and still I is complete as it flows in the sun's scorching heat.
As water drips from it's misty flow,
On plants,grass,trees and flowers to help them grow.
Waterfall waterfall you look so grand,
I wished I could hold you in my hand.
Waterfall waterfall you with your beautiful mist,
On my cheek you land and gave me a watery kiss.
Waterfall waterfall flows over yonder,
I do not ever want to miss ya.

I Saw A Baby Girl

I saw a baby girl today,
She was so beautiful as she passed my way.
She had on a little pink dress and cute slippers to suit,
Tiny bows in her hair that was in the shape of little fruit.
He face was so bright and her eyes looked like little lights,
And guess what under dress she had on a pair of matching tights.
As she looked at me and made a stare,
Of my presence I knew that she was aware.
I shook my hand and said"Hello Cutey,do you know that you look so cute?"
"In your outfit and with your hair ornaments of little fruit"
She looked at me and began to smile,
As I was there talking for a little while.
When she smiled I saw two dimples in her little cheeks,
As I said out loud oh how neat.
Oh a little angel that smiles with dimples so deep,
She was shaking up and down and was not ready to sleep.
As her mommy pick up an item from the store she had just bought,
Baby girl and I had more time to talk.
She seemed to understand me because when I talked she listened,
And her face with a smile shined and glisten.
Her little mouth moved like she was trying to form words,
But baby talk is all that I heard.
I smiled at her as her mummy was ready,
To get baby home before she got sleepy.
So I smiled and said goodbye baby girl see you some time when ever you are
in my store.
And we will continue or little chat for sure.
So until the next time we meet,
Stay as precious as you are adorable safe and sweet.

Tuesday, 3 May 2016


You know! I've never felt a love like this , the first time was of a heavenly dream's bliss.
A pure precious love given to me in heart,, that makes my soul light up and my face radiate and spark.
I've never felt a love like this that penetrates my being  of heart that opened up my soul to so much knowledge that some have never seen.
It's knowledge in scripted to me straight through my being, like other selected one's  whose eyes have also seen.
I've gained so much love like this and my Father keeps reminding me everyday.
You are Loved My Beloved! Sent from a Beloved in the Highest of Heavens that penetrates my soul and heart with these sweet words from his mouth as they depart to me he always say.
Words that carry me along life through each day and everywhere,that settles in my heart and soul and always makes me aware.
I've never had a love like this and from my Creator I will never part,It's a guaranteed love that never runs out ,expires ,will never leave me as to depart.

Show and Share Peace and Love will Endure

The prominence of individuals being able to adapt to a stable way within as to exhibit a peaceful clarity - Universal Voice of a Leader.
Can be observed by individuals as it passed on to filter a love of alliance of ways.
A direction from a peaceful understanding in a showing and sharing of peace as to make love endure.
I know a lot is going on but a stable conscience is a much needed tool to adapt to this peace love way.
Make peace not war, love not hate and let love be the engaging tool.
The basic understanding is to be conscience of the fact that bad elements will always bring a bad way.
So in turn maneuver pass the bad and embraced the good.
Do what is right Yes! What your heart know you should.


Could you imagine a life without sin?
No crying that any hurt will ever bring.
No killing ,hatred or strife.
Just a wholesome peaceful life.
Living and loving your brother man.
As you greet each other with a loving heart a smile and a shake hand :)

A Song

A song of love and not of hate.
A song of passion and loves awakes.
A song of true love with it's essence all in part.
A song of peace and sharing will start.
A song of love in the most beautiful way.
A song of goodness with your cares someone gets a listening ear.
A song of commitment and obedience to the one I love.
A song of precious moments and a sweet life we will have :)

Monday, 2 May 2016

All I Can See Thus Far

How can I describe it what i have seen thus far,as i sit on my patio and see the shore line and nature settled out far.

I can see tress reaching to the skies,and also grass on the ground like a huge carpet of greenery spread so wide.

I can see the ocean as it stretches around and along the coast line, it looks still in slow motion with small waves just moving in ryhme.

I can see clouds in the sky moving with time,covering like a gigantic blanket of white fluffy softness of sync in twine.

Holding the sky and each other real tight ,as the staring rays of sun spread out with sunlight.

The leaves on the tress and the way the wind gentle blows, makes them move and sway and Yes! Some end up on the ocean's floors.

Leaves moving left to right, displaying colors of orange brown yellow green and red when ripe .

The branches I can hear, when cloes or far away.

And when they touched each other as the wind begin to blow, many brances in the wind blowing fast blowing slow and creaking noises I hear from some trees that are very old :)

The birds singing as their sing sweet melodies of bird songs, flying in the air sitting on branches or just hopping or walking on the ground.

Sweet melodies to the ears they all bring, just making an orchestra of magnificent music they all sing.

Butterflies I can see some of yellow White brown and blue,some with all colors and some with just a few.

Passing over flowers as they seems to be deciding on which one they will choose,to get the sweet nectar inside and sip some nice watery dew.

Large trees and small, I can see them all.

Some with big leaves and some with small ,some gigantic looking and some slender and tall.

Some bearing fruits of all kinds that the mouth will soon taste,as they are picked for eating as not to spoil and go to waste.

Sweet fruits of color that can be picked for food, from big tress that grow and I think that is really cool :)

I see vines wrapped around branches and holding them tight, in a natural embraced and never a fight.

And Yes! Far out in the distance I can see the small waves as they continue to hit each other with a delicate touch, as they join each other in a watery bed match.

Sunday, 1 May 2016

One Little Yellow Flower

One little yellow flower standing all alone ,looking as on it's bright petals the sunshine rays always shown.

Looking so bright beautiful and free, just waiting for a butterfly or a bumble bee.

Sitting and waiting on it's board rocky bed, for a drip of water to wash it's pretty head .

And as the water goes to it's roots in the deep soil, the flower was waiting and growing with much toil.

And you know! When it's grown it's blossoms will of seeds will begin to fall,and deep in the soil they will go to make way for the reproduction call.

As the seedlings drop to the earth to grow and sprout out their heads from their rocky beds.

And emerge again with a sight in the sunlight, a beautiful yellow flowers so pretty and bright .

Rain Balls Bubble Gems

Did you ever look at grass bush after the rain has fallen and see the way the rain drops glissens on the grass?

Looking so clean and bright and glissening like specks of glass.

Did you ever look at the grass and see how they all nestled together after a down pour of rain? 

As each leave is set with jewels of little rain balls with all looking the same .

Sitting on the bush leaves like little gems of glass, all at attention as if in a high class.

Passing them by and glancing at more,you would think that it was done on purpose for sure.

Just the way the rain bubblesn sit on the leaves of grass, all looking like ball jewellery gems all made of glass.