Monday, 2 May 2016

All I Can See Thus Far

How can I describe it what i have seen thus far,as i sit on my patio and see the shore line and nature settled out far.

I can see tress reaching to the skies,and also grass on the ground like a huge carpet of greenery spread so wide.

I can see the ocean as it stretches around and along the coast line, it looks still in slow motion with small waves just moving in ryhme.

I can see clouds in the sky moving with time,covering like a gigantic blanket of white fluffy softness of sync in twine.

Holding the sky and each other real tight ,as the staring rays of sun spread out with sunlight.

The leaves on the tress and the way the wind gentle blows, makes them move and sway and Yes! Some end up on the ocean's floors.

Leaves moving left to right, displaying colors of orange brown yellow green and red when ripe .

The branches I can hear, when cloes or far away.

And when they touched each other as the wind begin to blow, many brances in the wind blowing fast blowing slow and creaking noises I hear from some trees that are very old :)

The birds singing as their sing sweet melodies of bird songs, flying in the air sitting on branches or just hopping or walking on the ground.

Sweet melodies to the ears they all bring, just making an orchestra of magnificent music they all sing.

Butterflies I can see some of yellow White brown and blue,some with all colors and some with just a few.

Passing over flowers as they seems to be deciding on which one they will choose,to get the sweet nectar inside and sip some nice watery dew.

Large trees and small, I can see them all.

Some with big leaves and some with small ,some gigantic looking and some slender and tall.

Some bearing fruits of all kinds that the mouth will soon taste,as they are picked for eating as not to spoil and go to waste.

Sweet fruits of color that can be picked for food, from big tress that grow and I think that is really cool :)

I see vines wrapped around branches and holding them tight, in a natural embraced and never a fight.

And Yes! Far out in the distance I can see the small waves as they continue to hit each other with a delicate touch, as they join each other in a watery bed match.

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