You know! I've never felt a love like this , the first time was of a heavenly dream's bliss.
A pure precious love given to me in heart,, that makes my soul light up and my face radiate and spark.
I've never felt a love like this that penetrates my being  of heart that opened up my soul to so much knowledge that some have never seen.
It's knowledge in scripted to me straight through my being, like other selected one's  whose eyes have also seen.
I've gained so much love like this and my Father keeps reminding me everyday.
You are Loved My Beloved! Sent from a Beloved in the Highest of Heavens that penetrates my soul and heart with these sweet words from his mouth as they depart to me he always say.
Words that carry me along life through each day and everywhere,that settles in my heart and soul and always makes me aware.
I've never had a love like this and from my Creator I will never part,It's a guaranteed love that never runs out ,expires ,will never leave me as to depart.