Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I Look At Life

I look at life as a great big adventure,
Made to explore and fulfilled where all things were made by the hands of
the creator.
Of tears and amends,
Keeping straight on your path, a spiritual path that never ends.
A life of ups a life of downs,
A life of struggles and of turn around.
A life of maturity and a life of birth,
Of a large volume of water but only a little hits the surf.
An awakening of one's intellect,
And knowledge and understanding one will get.
To explore this valley of roads the long, short and curves .
To fulfill one's purpose of where and what one should be,
And be guided by instinct and inner eyes that always see.
To be never in bondage but to be always standing and set free.
To find a place to live in peace,tranquility and all,
And always being aware of one's destiny's call.
As one move and maneuver and do things the right way always going forward
with faith ,strength and never fear.
A life of compassion and truths to hold,
A life of ages of always growing old.
A life of meeting all types of people with different personalities,
Of living among nature with substances that make one sneeze.
A life of direction to get us safe and on our way,
It's a life of safety were all the kids could always play.
A life of dedication as one commit to one,
Of always living together until the other is gone.
A life of starting over of you meeting me and I meeting you,
Again a life of commitment as we stick together like bonded with glue.
A life of evolution where new things get put in place,
With some of the old disappearing with out any trace.
A life to grow in understanding and good way,
A life of positive thinking to live in peace in this place.
And yet a chapter from a book will end as one leaves this earthly realm.
A new book will get open and the old one will closed,
And disappearing will be the life one choose.

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