Wednesday, 18 May 2016

I Saw A Baby Girl

I saw a baby girl today,
She was so beautiful as she passed my way.
She had on a little pink dress and cute slippers to suit,
Tiny bows in her hair that was in the shape of little fruit.
He face was so bright and her eyes looked like little lights,
And guess what under dress she had on a pair of matching tights.
As she looked at me and made a stare,
Of my presence I knew that she was aware.
I shook my hand and said"Hello Cutey,do you know that you look so cute?"
"In your outfit and with your hair ornaments of little fruit"
She looked at me and began to smile,
As I was there talking for a little while.
When she smiled I saw two dimples in her little cheeks,
As I said out loud oh how neat.
Oh a little angel that smiles with dimples so deep,
She was shaking up and down and was not ready to sleep.
As her mommy pick up an item from the store she had just bought,
Baby girl and I had more time to talk.
She seemed to understand me because when I talked she listened,
And her face with a smile shined and glisten.
Her little mouth moved like she was trying to form words,
But baby talk is all that I heard.
I smiled at her as her mummy was ready,
To get baby home before she got sleepy.
So I smiled and said goodbye baby girl see you some time when ever you are
in my store.
And we will continue or little chat for sure.
So until the next time we meet,
Stay as precious as you are adorable safe and sweet.

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