Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Water Falls

Pouring through of scenery in show,
Flowing water going fast and slow.
Over the edge and then it falls down,
Falling as it flowed from so far and so long.
Waterfall's beautiful mist,
I don't ever want to miss this.
To look and see waterfall's natural evenly flow,
Through the rocks and out as all the water go.
Flowing into big oceans ,small ponds and creeks,
Flowing to rivers and streams with water from pipes that leak.
Waterfalls flow as the mist fills the air,
Going up ,up high and everywhere.
It's a beautiful sight to see a waterfall at night,
Especially when it's illuminated with light.
With lights spotting on it's natural flow,
The water glistens and seem to glow.
Waterfalls are even more beautiful when you see them in the day,
When the sun is shining and spreading out it's rays.
The brightness of it's light shines and it's a beautiful sight to see the
waterfalls on show,
While it let's everyone know.
That it's a natural beauty to be appreciated by all and to see,
A place you can go and see it and always feel free.
A waterfall as it flows and falls down,
Never breaking as it hits the ground.
It lands and still I is complete as it flows in the sun's scorching heat.
As water drips from it's misty flow,
On plants,grass,trees and flowers to help them grow.
Waterfall waterfall you look so grand,
I wished I could hold you in my hand.
Waterfall waterfall you with your beautiful mist,
On my cheek you land and gave me a watery kiss.
Waterfall waterfall flows over yonder,
I do not ever want to miss ya.

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