Saturday, 23 July 2016

Love Of A Free Soul To Soar

Free soul to soar.
Into the sky's open universal door.
On the clouds flying so high.
I spread my wings and begin to fly.
Into the cloud mass of fluffy passages of a way.
To the sky line where I breathe precious sweet air.
No chains could never hold me and no cages I will not be in.
I will always be free with a true heart of soul and sweet soul song of melodies I will continue to sing.
I am a free soul commanded by three working as one.
My Creator Father God who continues to hold my hand.
With always a loving gesture and never a harsh demand of voice.
Only the sweetest loving way with care,and never noise.
A presense in my life that taught me never to tell lies,but to always bare truth from a heart of soul.
Where each day that passes I am getting younger as the spirit on this earthly realm,I will never grow old.
Heart soul of truth walking in way.
Out from the old and into the new to do what is needed to live the life of peaceful ways.
As I always walk the path of new living my precious days.
No one or nothing is going to stop me or try to stand in my way.
I am strong,fearless and here to do the works at hand with a loving heart full of truthful soul awares.
To walk in the light with a heart soul of care strong and fearlessly and wonderfully made.
That is why I was given "Young Warrior" my spiritual name :)

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