Friday, 19 August 2016

As It Happens.

Harmony and Love,a white dove flying above.

The sun as it begins to set, a heavy rain and you will get wet.

The turning of a sea of waves, in the earth the depths of some caves.

A precious flower as it burst from the soil,the earth explodes as it produces oil.

The white crystal snow as it falls from the sky,a very strong wind and to much of a blowing some trees will fall and die.

The beautiful sky as it display cloud's art, as the clouds float across the sky they fade out and depart.

A beautiful moon as it's light shine the way, for individuals to see and be with the ones to whom they care.

A heavenly mist and dew falls at dawn, then when the sun comes up all traces disappear and is completely gone.

Written By..

Marcelle Hinkson.