Sunday, 27 November 2016

I Always Remember You :)

Father Creator God I never forget you and I never will,You're the only one that have me alive breathing Yes! And living still.

You're the one that opened my eyes each and everyday to see,all meaningful aspects of ways that you always lay before me.

And each and everyday as I pray to you and I thank you for waking me up to see a new day birthing, my whole being smile with gleam because of my consciousness of being fully awaken :)

Your breath of life mean so much to me and that I know that you already know, you know my heart and thoughts and words you see even before I know.

My life path of passages has so much relavent meaning, I'm fully conscious and aware to always go forward to more meaningful passages that is needed.

I know that you are for me and with each breath of life and living you bring, the most loving feeling I have experienced and keep experiencing more Love that always makes my being so sweetly overwhelming sing.

And Father Creator God the best gift I was ever given is having you as my Loving Father and your breath of life that is in me, and for choosing me to go to earth to fulfil my purpose of life of destiny.

To present your kindness of heart works and words as I continue to align with my heart felt worth, the ordinance of dictatorship from your kingdom of my birth.

My heart of soul will continue to speak and sing truthfully to you, Father Creator God because I so truly have experienced and know you.

And there is nothing and no one that can try to get in my way, because my heart of soul will continue to tell you what I really want to say :)

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