Thursday, 15 December 2016

Oh, Snow How You Gracefully And Gently Flow.

Oh, snow how you gracefully and gently flow, on to the earth and on some things that grow.

They are suspended in an ice snow case of beautiful art on show.that adds to the beautiful white scenery as everything takes parts I can see them where ever I go.

To some individuals snow seems to be damaging, when on mountains and it begins cascading.

But snow is so precious and you will notice when in your being of soul and in your hands you embrace, you will understand its meaning when you see it appear all over the place.

Snow is a natural element and it's beautifully and uniquely made it's soft fluffy white and wet, and appear in the winter season when only snow you will get.

When it's time the snow melts away so quickly and drip by drip it's icy water flow, as it touches things in its way and goes down to the earth of soil below.

A majestic element made from majestic hands, that coordinates in season from a seasonal plan.

I like to see snow falling, it's a favorite of mine the beauty of its crystals of unique wear, and everyone is different as they enter the sky of air.

And when all the snowflakes begin to flow and as they mix and drop to the ground, it's a connection of neatness as it lays all around :)