Sunday, 29 January 2017

Come By Will And Not By A Pushed Choice.

Come show peace.
Come show love.
Come show sharing.
And a will of care that you genuinely have.

Come show uniqueness.
Come show light.
Come show unity.
And not a mouth of harsh words or weapons to fight.

Come by will and not by a pushed choice.
Come with a heart of soul's true direction.
And not because you are controlled or pushed and don't have a choice.

Come with faith.
Come with hope.
Come with the knowledge of wisdom and understanding.
To know that it's real and not a play game of a joke.

Come show compassion in the most loving way.
Come but not with anger envy hatred or fear.
Come with the embodiment and essence and a heart lighted with a soul love of attention.
Come but not with sad stories or pity to mention.

Come always with strong true love of ways that help your brotherman up with hands that always shows loving care. 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sunflower's Smiley Face.

The Sunflower with a big smile just for you with a smile that embraces its passages of ways shining through each passing day.

Its smile shines like a big smiley face as it's petals spread all out in the finest of beautiful flare.

Sunflower standing high and bold, as it's rooted and lays secured in an earthly hold.

And as the sunlight rays shine down, the sunflower's yellow face can be seen all around.

With a pleasing look on its flowery face, that welcomes all with a sweet smile that wakes up your being to a love smile display.

The brilliant effect of beauty displays from mother nature's beauty art, that stand high in the air and welcomes a new day's start.