Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Words Dictated

A hand that writes with a pen on paper with words that flow from the heart of soul, words of love in guidance with never a harshness to scold.

Words from a love, in guidance a must for everyone to have,

Words from a love that greatly cares, all those far out and all those near.

Words dictated for everyone's ears to hear and be conscious and aware, words full of passion for work to show how much it cares.

Meanings and guidings, words that are always evolving, for everyone to understand it's voice, with a soft sweet suttle way of care that shows how love is showed showered and shared with never a harshness of noise.

There is a need to truly help out your brotherman and take them caringly by the hand.

Precious words are given for ears and eyes to open as truths will always let you see, to live in consciousness and be aware of happenings as each day passes it's for you to always be free.

Never worry about matters or hassles just focus on a true way, and you will notice every bad aspect of way will have no choice but to give way.

Learn from truths and it will always lead you well as you will see, in the days to come will tell that you were born to soar and fly free.

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