Tuesday, 30 May 2017

A New Day.

It's a new day a new morning and I opened my eyes to see, the beautiful surroundings and clouds in the sky that's layered so neat.

Birds chirping away as they embrace a new day.

I can see the ocean live in view, as I see a day opened up to new.

A new day new blessings new hopes and never wishes, you see there is no genies in bottles around only a loving Creator Father with a presence and eyes and ears that see and hear all around.

The sun is softly setting and the moon has dim her light, the sky is now lighted as the sun gives off her light.

It's always a blessing when you can wake up and open your eyes to see, a new day birth right before thee.

And from a precious breath of life within, that always makes your heart of soul to a new day sweetly sing.

A new day a new way a natural precious thing to see, a breath of life that I am grateful and thankful for as my creator has his breath of life in me.

I know that I am special to get such a beautiful gift and I have the faith of Hope and never a wish on some unnatural thing of a wish list.

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