Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Clouds pass by each day from morning to night and back again each day.

The flowing by of a natural scenic view, as each cloud pass there comes a new.

Some white some grey some with shapes that form high in the air.

And as I sit at my window and view them all, big and small flowing clouds seems to be exiting the big sky of hall.

Some pass that looked dark grey with water Yes!Maybe rain will fall, and they move so crowdedly as some connect to each other for a refreshing rain as mother nature calls.

And drip by drip rain will fall from those grey clouds as each one lightens up and more clouds will continue to flow, days on end on the same sky track that each already know :)

And as they continue to flow, day will end and night will begin to more cloud form on a scenic show.

All clouds that will continue to flow to go where nobody never know.

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