Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Rain you and your wet watery ways, with drops of fresh water that falls everywhere. 

A natural waterfall with all the essence to renew, oh what splendor you bring when true eyes look at you in full view. 

The way your watery drops fall from the clouds in the sky, making the young seedlings in the earth breathe a life of fresh breath and open their eyes. 

The fall of your water that drops trillions at a time, just releasing enough water to help the earth that sometimes run dry. 

Rain i do admire you for your soft natural and eloquent flow, and your drops of water that constantly flow to make mother nature's creations all naturally grow. 

You remind me of a giant waterfall but A sky of the heavenly kind, that covers the skyline and pours out so wide. 

Your water drops gentle embrace my face, skin and body with a soft special way that is from the heavenlies. 

I watched you as from the roof's edge your water drip one two the three and more, as your water continues to drop on the earth below. 

Your crystal watery beauty your refreshing way, always add a new clean feeling all around and in the air as you wash the day's way :) 

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