Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Sundry Thinking To A Peaceful Awakening.

A way of a fine solitude and the immaculate way of seeing fallen dew. 

A breath of fresh air a light atmosphere as time opens up to new. 

Definitions of clarity widely pronounced words that suit me just right, with no intellectual challenges I don't have to fight. 

A multitude of the ordinance a gift place in hand time echo a changing but not by the hands of man. 

A peaceful and a serenity of bliss a once challenging moment that you wouldn't miss. 

Inner eyes open wide like an elevated tide to know what is to come always conscious and never dumb. 

Sunny days turn to winter and then it's gone until seasons pass and winter again come around. 

A push of elemental seasons a brush of fresh, cold and hot air surrounds us everywhere. 

A changing of a spiritual realm and up to now some haven't noticed its changing ways they are still asking when? 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Live Your Life.

Life is for a living and it's a precious blessing to wake up each day and breathe a breath of fresh soothing air as you continue walking on your destined pathways. 

If some individuals would only understand what life really means, I know they would all stop with the threatening and ignorant deeds. 

They would understand that life isn't a myth, it's a true blessing and a resource, a great elemental substance that one should never miss. 

Having life give one clarity, and it helps you to go through passages to understand things, ways, and everybody. 

Life is a very special way, that every individual should enjoy and embrace in the most positive ways. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Peaceful-Profound And Reformed.

The peaceful way of solitude, an embodiment and embracement of old things of new. 

A soft peaceful way, a fresh morning's breeze and look that starts with the stillness of a new silent day. 

An aroma of a fresh clean scent, a cool wave of air gently flow on the flowers that are full of dew's soft touch that's wet. 

Pores opened up to a breath of fresh air as a soft wind gently blows through the atmosphere. 

The sense of silence is everywhere and the tendency of peace is flowing through the air. 

And the vibrant peaceful flow, a multitude of ordinance wherever you may go. 

Monday, 4 December 2017

The Deep Blue Sea Of Ocean Near Me.

Down and down hundreds of feet in depth, the deep sea goes and below everything is set.

The corals as they sit on their sandy bed, and all the different kinds of fish in view and as they swim by some just jerk their small scaly head.

The large fish as they swim in schools, with such brilliant colors all in keidascope and looking so cool.

Jellyfish and others all light up the night, with vessels of bodies that produce great light.

Crabs and lobsters continue to crawl with caution and grace, like little soldiers marching all over the place.

And so much organisms that I have never seen, all in the deep blue sea where they all have been.

Sharks of all types whales and dolphins galore, with some of the dolphins play with each other and some times end up playing near an island shore.

And as the deep blue sea comes alive with life, some sea creature live with caution some peace and some strife. 

The Weather Is So Unpredictable

The weather is so unpredictable and not even the weather forecaster can predict the true things, as one minute the sun is showing and then you get some heavy showers of rain. 

But that is how it's supposed to be as no one can predict the time, only the consciousness of conscious the ones with the opening of inner ears and eyes. 

The alignment of elements the universal reign, the mouthpiece of leadership the reading of natural things. 

Everything is combined with the elements, everything and everyone should at least open their inner eyes to have the open senses like the animals to know the changing of the times. 

The birds migrate when bad weather is brewing some animals hibernate when winter is coming and the earth prepares herself in forms of dress during the seasonal times she always aligns herself. 

So why can't some humans detect the times, are they so unconsciously blind? 

Mankind should be able to see and sense natural weather from manipulative agendas. 

They should be able to sense true natural ways and not listen to man-made manipulating voices that carry the same tune, all flowing with elements the ones that put fear inside of you for days. 

From voices that help channel the ways of the mischief hands that try to copy universals elements for they own devious agendas of plans. 

The Essence Of Attitudes

The elemental being of a descriptive way, with the emotional aspects that flows in, out and around your pathway. 

A multitude of tolerance to understand what is, the heart being of conclusions that manifest your consciousness of descriptions to understand and never miss. 

The essence of attitudes seems to be always flowing, and some may see and some is never knowing. 

Blunt ways of attitudes harsh voices are sometimes displayed, some essence of solitude you might find along the way. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017


It's not an element for bad ways, blue is a color that can be seen in many aspects of ways. 

It colors with a lucent glow on whatever it is that all eyes will see blue presents itself with a perfect show. 

Blue is a color that stands for and shows greatness it stands for trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and a high heaven, it's my favorite color and to me, it always had a true meaning. 

Blue is soft it's gentle its enlightening, it's wide it's large its so appealing and eye catching :)