Sunday, 23 October 2016

A Song

A song, a melody,sweet music I play, 
A song a melody sweet lyrics you will hear, 
A song a melody words straight from my heart, 
A song a melody a little slow and then it will start, 
A song a melody words playing round and round, 
A song a melody now I have created a song. 

LOVE The Four Letter Word And More

Affection to you is all I will show, 
Attachment we will both get as we start to grow, 
Beloved is all you will be to me, 
Darling is all you will ever be, 
Devotion is what I will always show you, 
As my love blossoms like a rose and and comes into full bloom. 

Monday, 17 October 2016

What Did I Do Today?

What did I do today? I just embraced a new fresh dewy day.

I got out of my bed refreshed myself and on the patio I went to get a morning's view, of a beautiful morning opening up just like new.

I saw the birds going through their daily routine, of making the day come alive with chirping of their sweet symphony.

A fresh morning smell of awakening that salutes one really well, with all kinds of birds singing like little ringing bells.

A new day has opened and I am early to rise, out on my patio as the newness embrace my semi sleepy half shut eyes.

Sunday, 16 October 2016

My Creator's Creation.

I Am my Creator's Creation I am made to be standing in a good way.

I Am made to carry Love and show compassion to others all my life long ways.

And with Love share shower and show, and embrace individuals with the ultimate presence of Love as it continues to grow.

My Creator's hands gently mold me out of the finest of precious clay,to be exactly the way he made me to be on this earthly realm as long as he wants me to stay.

Beautifully and uniquely molded in tune by great hands,to be part of his wonderful works in the making of his great plans.

I Am the vessel he is my universal breathe,the Only and True One to direct me north,east,south and west.

To walk in the Love of light and let it's presence penetrate and glow, as I participate in his Love and share to all those who don't know.

Molded by my Creator with uniqueness to stand on his solid ground,to empower with teachings individuals wherever they may come from.

I Am my Creator's Creation made to embrace the lost ones and fill them with true Love of care,that is my Creator's plan as I was made genuinely to be this way.

His breath of life is in me, and at this time is where he wants me to be.

Wonderfully Beautifully and Fearless I was made,I wear his universal banner than say I Am of the Only and True Creator Yes! I Am God Made :)

I Am Created by the Sovereign One, that has me in his hands holding so long :)