Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sunflower You Are So Smiley.

What a beautiful sight, your face is always smiling and looking bright in the sunlight.

Sunflower what bright leaves you wear, like a big ornamental leafy fanfare of flare.

You always smile at the sun as it spreads its lucent rays, ranging in miles all over the place.

And yet it doesn't disturb your beauty, you just stand tall strong and always smile sweetly.

Dandelion You Always Fly Free .

Your seedlings always fly away, as they softly float on a light bed of air.

Dandelion you are like a mother releasing her young, sending them on pathways to get nestled in a productive ground.

What sweet soft eloquent appearance of a way you bare, as your seedlings fly off freely on a delicate wind in the air.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sweet Notions Of Devotion.

Sweet thinking of heart thoughts as wise as they can be.

Sweet dedication from a heart the way it should always be.

Sweet movement of wares.

With the eloquence of loving care.

Sweet with a magnitude of love.

Bliss from a father's heart of love.

A sweet soft scent of voice.

That softly whisper with never a demanding commanding voice aways gently guided with the sweetest presence without noise.

Sweet guidance of conscious aware.

To always bring joy and never eyes of tears.

With gratitude of always being with you.

And continue to walk with a heart that is true.

As father continues to lead the way.

And show everlasting love and the affection of care.

A guidance of truth.

As you understand new.

To always walk happily with an inner soul heart.

And ignore the ignorance of the ignorant when they try to take part.

Smile and try never to show a face that is blue.

Always know the true one that is walking with you.

And always take your rightful stand.

As you continue to walk consciously guided by father's loving truthful heart of hands.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Understanding What Is.

In life, you try to understand what is, try to forget what was.

You try to get to what's next, and try to get things fix.

It causes for much understanding and so much direction of ways.

As the seconds go by to minutes, hours go by to days and days to years.

Just trying to understand what is, trying to forget what was, trying to get to what's next and always trying to get things fix.

It stands for you to be in a conscious way, with a conscious mind and eyes focus that never shut from the world way of false ways.

To understand what is, to learn from what was and see what's next as you go on your way.

With the understanding to know that you will get some things fix maybe some other day.

Friday, 3 February 2017

The Sky Ocean Of Soft Clouds.

The sky of an ocean as soft clouds float by, changing into shapes of all kinds as they glide through the bright sky.

The sky's color of aqua blue continues to refresh the day, as each type of birds flies gracefully through the air.

Nothing can't stop them not even the strong winds of the skies, as they just propelled their wings and continue to carefully fly.

And the sun's bright fiery ball continues to shine, as it's moving pace works with the time.

It's really wonderful to see when the sky of clouds changes shapes right before me.

And the majestic way each cloud moves and disappear, as another cloud follows behind closely knit and so near.