Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sweet Notions Of Devotion.

Sweet thinking of heart thoughts as wise as they can be.

Sweet dedication from a heart the way it should always be.

Sweet movement of wares.

With the eloquence of loving care.

Sweet with a magnitude of love.

Bliss from a father's heart of love.

A sweet soft scent of voice.

That softly whisper with never a demanding commanding voice aways gently guided with the sweetest presence without noise.

Sweet guidance of conscious aware.

To always bring joy and never eyes of tears.

With gratitude of always being with you.

And continue to walk with a heart that is true.

As father continues to lead the way.

And show everlasting love and the affection of care.

A guidance of truth.

As you understand new.

To always walk happily with an inner soul heart.

And ignore the ignorance of the ignorant when they try to take part.

Smile and try never to show a face that is blue.

Always know the true one that is walking with you.

And always take your rightful stand.

As you continue to walk consciously guided by father's loving truthful heart of hands.

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