Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Red Rose Of Romance .

Your natural absorbing essence, and your aromatic aromatherapy flow, your fresh vibrant color of red that you wear on your leaves that always show.

A plush ruby rich color and the wrapped look you always wear, with the wrapping of soft oriental leaves around your floral waist of a body that you gracefully wear.

You are a flower of strength and romance that makes a heart sweetly sing and dance.

And the look of your flowers even when your buds are in, looks so beautiful and attractive as they sway in the day's soft calming wind.

Your flowers sweetly grow, all knit together side by side as your romantic influence always continue to show.

Your appearance just adds beauty in any limelight, as you always look beautiful on a moonlight night or in the day of sunlight.

You are so precious in hand, and you are always being carried to a woman from her loving man.

You always make an appearance from individuals love the heart of hand, all beautifully wrapped in a bouquet and presented to warm a heart.

Rose flower of red, the brilliance of your love color Illuminates and so sweetly adorns your head.

You are created by a Father's love heart of hands, Father Creator God that is in the highest of the highest above.

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