Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Sundry Thinking To A Peaceful Awakening.

A way of a fine solitude and the immaculate way of seeing fallen dew. 

A breath of fresh air a light atmosphere as time opens up to new. 

Definitions of clarity widely pronounced words that suit me just right, with no intellectual challenges I don't have to fight. 

A multitude of the ordinance a gift place in hand time echo a changing but not by the hands of man. 

A peaceful and a serenity of bliss a once challenging moment that you wouldn't miss. 

Inner eyes open wide like an elevated tide to know what is to come always conscious and never dumb. 

Sunny days turn to winter and then it's gone until seasons pass and winter again come around. 

A push of elemental seasons a brush of fresh, cold and hot air surrounds us everywhere. 

A changing of a spiritual realm and up to now some haven't noticed its changing ways they are still asking when? 

Sunday, 10 December 2017

Live Your Life.

Life is for a living and it's a precious blessing to wake up each day and breathe a breath of fresh soothing air as you continue walking on your destined pathways. 

If some individuals would only understand what life really means, I know they would all stop with the threatening and ignorant deeds. 

They would understand that life isn't a myth, it's a true blessing and a resource, a great elemental substance that one should never miss. 

Having life give one clarity, and it helps you to go through passages to understand things, ways, and everybody. 

Life is a very special way, that every individual should enjoy and embrace in the most positive ways. 

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Peaceful-Profound And Reformed.

The peaceful way of solitude, an embodiment and embracement of old things of new. 

A soft peaceful way, a fresh morning's breeze and look that starts with the stillness of a new silent day. 

An aroma of a fresh clean scent, a cool wave of air gently flow on the flowers that are full of dew's soft touch that's wet. 

Pores opened up to a breath of fresh air as a soft wind gently blows through the atmosphere. 

The sense of silence is everywhere and the tendency of peace is flowing through the air. 

And the vibrant peaceful flow, a multitude of ordinance wherever you may go. 

Monday, 4 December 2017

The Deep Blue Sea Of Ocean Near Me.

Down and down hundreds of feet in depth, the deep sea goes and below everything is set.

The corals as they sit on their sandy bed, and all the different kinds of fish in view and as they swim by some just jerk their small scaly head.

The large fish as they swim in schools, with such brilliant colors all in keidascope and looking so cool.

Jellyfish and others all light up the night, with vessels of bodies that produce great light.

Crabs and lobsters continue to crawl with caution and grace, like little soldiers marching all over the place.

And so much organisms that I have never seen, all in the deep blue sea where they all have been.

Sharks of all types whales and dolphins galore, with some of the dolphins play with each other and some times end up playing near an island shore.

And as the deep blue sea comes alive with life, some sea creature live with caution some peace and some strife. 

The Weather Is So Unpredictable

The weather is so unpredictable and not even the weather forecaster can predict the true things, as one minute the sun is showing and then you get some heavy showers of rain. 

But that is how it's supposed to be as no one can predict the time, only the consciousness of conscious the ones with the opening of inner ears and eyes. 

The alignment of elements the universal reign, the mouthpiece of leadership the reading of natural things. 

Everything is combined with the elements, everything and everyone should at least open their inner eyes to have the open senses like the animals to know the changing of the times. 

The birds migrate when bad weather is brewing some animals hibernate when winter is coming and the earth prepares herself in forms of dress during the seasonal times she always aligns herself. 

So why can't some humans detect the times, are they so unconsciously blind? 

Mankind should be able to see and sense natural weather from manipulative agendas. 

They should be able to sense true natural ways and not listen to man-made manipulating voices that carry the same tune, all flowing with elements the ones that put fear inside of you for days. 

From voices that help channel the ways of the mischief hands that try to copy universals elements for they own devious agendas of plans. 

The Essence Of Attitudes

The elemental being of a descriptive way, with the emotional aspects that flows in, out and around your pathway. 

A multitude of tolerance to understand what is, the heart being of conclusions that manifest your consciousness of descriptions to understand and never miss. 

The essence of attitudes seems to be always flowing, and some may see and some is never knowing. 

Blunt ways of attitudes harsh voices are sometimes displayed, some essence of solitude you might find along the way. 

Saturday, 8 July 2017


It's not an element for bad ways, blue is a color that can be seen in many aspects of ways. 

It colors with a lucent glow on whatever it is that all eyes will see blue presents itself with a perfect show. 

Blue is a color that stands for and shows greatness it stands for trust, loyalty, wisdom, confidence, intelligence, faith, truth and a high heaven, it's my favorite color and to me, it always had a true meaning. 

Blue is soft it's gentle its enlightening, it's wide it's large its so appealing and eye catching :) 

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Pure Love :)

Pure Love is forever growing. 

Pure Love is forever showing. 

Pure Love is always sharing it's way. 

Pure Love is always showering in all ways. 

Pure Love has no bounderies. 

Pure Love has no flaws. 

Pure Love is always about true works for meaningful cause. 

Pure Love is always healing. 

Pure Love is always mending. 

Pure Love is always knowing. 

And when it touch you, it's presence leaves you glowing. 

Pure Love knows it's time. 

Pure Love shines brighter than the sun or moon light night. 

Pure Love knows it's own. 

Pure Love know when you're hurt, sad, broken or feel alone. 

Pure Love is gentle. 

Pure Love is always sure. 

Pure Love has gentle Loving arms that always wraps so secure :)

~Marcelle Hinkson

Tuesday, 30 May 2017


Clouds pass by each day from morning to night and back again each day.

The flowing by of a natural scenic view, as each cloud pass there comes a new.

Some white some grey some with shapes that form high in the air.

And as I sit at my window and view them all, big and small flowing clouds seems to be exiting the big sky of hall.

Some pass that looked dark grey with water Yes!Maybe rain will fall, and they move so crowdedly as some connect to each other for a refreshing rain as mother nature calls.

And drip by drip rain will fall from those grey clouds as each one lightens up and more clouds will continue to flow, days on end on the same sky track that each already know :)

And as they continue to flow, day will end and night will begin to more cloud form on a scenic show.

All clouds that will continue to flow to go where nobody never know.


Rain you and your wet watery ways, with drops of fresh water that falls everywhere. 

A natural waterfall with all the essence to renew, oh what splendor you bring when true eyes look at you in full view. 

The way your watery drops fall from the clouds in the sky, making the young seedlings in the earth breathe a life of fresh breath and open their eyes. 

The fall of your water that drops trillions at a time, just releasing enough water to help the earth that sometimes run dry. 

Rain i do admire you for your soft natural and eloquent flow, and your drops of water that constantly flow to make mother nature's creations all naturally grow. 

You remind me of a giant waterfall but A sky of the heavenly kind, that covers the skyline and pours out so wide. 

Your water drops gentle embrace my face, skin and body with a soft special way that is from the heavenlies. 

I watched you as from the roof's edge your water drip one two the three and more, as your water continues to drop on the earth below. 

Your crystal watery beauty your refreshing way, always add a new clean feeling all around and in the air as you wash the day's way :) 

A New Day.

It's a new day a new morning and I opened my eyes to see, the beautiful surroundings and clouds in the sky that's layered so neat.

Birds chirping away as they embrace a new day.

I can see the ocean live in view, as I see a day opened up to new.

A new day new blessings new hopes and never wishes, you see there is no genies in bottles around only a loving Creator Father with a presence and eyes and ears that see and hear all around.

The sun is softly setting and the moon has dim her light, the sky is now lighted as the sun gives off her light.

It's always a blessing when you can wake up and open your eyes to see, a new day birth right before thee.

And from a precious breath of life within, that always makes your heart of soul to a new day sweetly sing.

A new day a new way a natural precious thing to see, a breath of life that I am grateful and thankful for as my creator has his breath of life in me.

I know that I am special to get such a beautiful gift and I have the faith of Hope and never a wish on some unnatural thing of a wish list.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Red Rose Of Romance .

Your natural absorbing essence, and your aromatic aromatherapy flow, your fresh vibrant color of red that you wear on your leaves that always show.

A plush ruby rich color and the wrapped look you always wear, with the wrapping of soft oriental leaves around your floral waist of a body that you gracefully wear.

You are a flower of strength and romance that makes a heart sweetly sing and dance.

And the look of your flowers even when your buds are in, looks so beautiful and attractive as they sway in the day's soft calming wind.

Your flowers sweetly grow, all knit together side by side as your romantic influence always continue to show.

Your appearance just adds beauty in any limelight, as you always look beautiful on a moonlight night or in the day of sunlight.

You are so precious in hand, and you are always being carried to a woman from her loving man.

You always make an appearance from individuals love the heart of hand, all beautifully wrapped in a bouquet and presented to warm a heart.

Rose flower of red, the brilliance of your love color Illuminates and so sweetly adorns your head.

You are created by a Father's love heart of hands, Father Creator God that is in the highest of the highest above.

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Rose Of Pink Flare.

Rose with pink flare you spread your petals on soft suttle air.

The gentle look from your inner eyes the freshness of your beauty outshines the time.

Your precious delicate embrace the delicate unique petals that lined your soft floral waist.

You look at me and I see you with a look of unique beauty all set in perfect harmony.

And the finest finery of always being free as I watched you and you watch me. 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Words Dictated

A hand that writes with a pen on paper with words that flow from the heart of soul, words of love in guidance with never a harshness to scold.

Words from a love, in guidance a must for everyone to have,

Words from a love that greatly cares, all those far out and all those near.

Words dictated for everyone's ears to hear and be conscious and aware, words full of passion for work to show how much it cares.

Meanings and guidings, words that are always evolving, for everyone to understand it's voice, with a soft sweet suttle way of care that shows how love is showed showered and shared with never a harshness of noise.

There is a need to truly help out your brotherman and take them caringly by the hand.

Precious words are given for ears and eyes to open as truths will always let you see, to live in consciousness and be aware of happenings as each day passes it's for you to always be free.

Never worry about matters or hassles just focus on a true way, and you will notice every bad aspect of way will have no choice but to give way.

Learn from truths and it will always lead you well as you will see, in the days to come will tell that you were born to soar and fly free.

Love's Essence

My heart speaks from its essence to you, to show you how much love can take care of you.

From a true love of way, that keeps you up strong and safe day by day.

A positive way, to hearing ears hands that gentle hold, a oneness of hearts with much love that will always be shown.

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Sunflower You Are So Smiley.

What a beautiful sight, your face is always smiling and looking bright in the sunlight.

Sunflower what bright leaves you wear, like a big ornamental leafy fanfare of flare.

You always smile at the sun as it spreads its lucent rays, ranging in miles all over the place.

And yet it doesn't disturb your beauty, you just stand tall strong and always smile sweetly.

Dandelion You Always Fly Free .

Your seedlings always fly away, as they softly float on a light bed of air.

Dandelion you are like a mother releasing her young, sending them on pathways to get nestled in a productive ground.

What sweet soft eloquent appearance of a way you bare, as your seedlings fly off freely on a delicate wind in the air.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Sweet Notions Of Devotion.

Sweet thinking of heart thoughts as wise as they can be.

Sweet dedication from a heart the way it should always be.

Sweet movement of wares.

With the eloquence of loving care.

Sweet with a magnitude of love.

Bliss from a father's heart of love.

A sweet soft scent of voice.

That softly whisper with never a demanding commanding voice aways gently guided with the sweetest presence without noise.

Sweet guidance of conscious aware.

To always bring joy and never eyes of tears.

With gratitude of always being with you.

And continue to walk with a heart that is true.

As father continues to lead the way.

And show everlasting love and the affection of care.

A guidance of truth.

As you understand new.

To always walk happily with an inner soul heart.

And ignore the ignorance of the ignorant when they try to take part.

Smile and try never to show a face that is blue.

Always know the true one that is walking with you.

And always take your rightful stand.

As you continue to walk consciously guided by father's loving truthful heart of hands.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Understanding What Is.

In life, you try to understand what is, try to forget what was.

You try to get to what's next, and try to get things fix.

It causes for much understanding and so much direction of ways.

As the seconds go by to minutes, hours go by to days and days to years.

Just trying to understand what is, trying to forget what was, trying to get to what's next and always trying to get things fix.

It stands for you to be in a conscious way, with a conscious mind and eyes focus that never shut from the world way of false ways.

To understand what is, to learn from what was and see what's next as you go on your way.

With the understanding to know that you will get some things fix maybe some other day.

Friday, 3 February 2017

The Sky Ocean Of Soft Clouds.

The sky of an ocean as soft clouds float by, changing into shapes of all kinds as they glide through the bright sky.

The sky's color of aqua blue continues to refresh the day, as each type of birds flies gracefully through the air.

Nothing can't stop them not even the strong winds of the skies, as they just propelled their wings and continue to carefully fly.

And the sun's bright fiery ball continues to shine, as it's moving pace works with the time.

It's really wonderful to see when the sky of clouds changes shapes right before me.

And the majestic way each cloud moves and disappear, as another cloud follows behind closely knit and so near.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Come By Will And Not By A Pushed Choice.

Come show peace.
Come show love.
Come show sharing.
And a will of care that you genuinely have.

Come show uniqueness.
Come show light.
Come show unity.
And not a mouth of harsh words or weapons to fight.

Come by will and not by a pushed choice.
Come with a heart of soul's true direction.
And not because you are controlled or pushed and don't have a choice.

Come with faith.
Come with hope.
Come with the knowledge of wisdom and understanding.
To know that it's real and not a play game of a joke.

Come show compassion in the most loving way.
Come but not with anger envy hatred or fear.
Come with the embodiment and essence and a heart lighted with a soul love of attention.
Come but not with sad stories or pity to mention.

Come always with strong true love of ways that help your brotherman up with hands that always shows loving care. 

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Sunflower's Smiley Face.

The Sunflower with a big smile just for you with a smile that embraces its passages of ways shining through each passing day.

Its smile shines like a big smiley face as it's petals spread all out in the finest of beautiful flare.

Sunflower standing high and bold, as it's rooted and lays secured in an earthly hold.

And as the sunlight rays shine down, the sunflower's yellow face can be seen all around.

With a pleasing look on its flowery face, that welcomes all with a sweet smile that wakes up your being to a love smile display.

The brilliant effect of beauty displays from mother nature's beauty art, that stand high in the air and welcomes a new day's start.